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Flashback Friday, anyone?

Enjoyed a much needed night out to dinner and to Ben and Jerry’s with my piano student Leo, his brother Phillip, and their mom Kaysu. :)

Leo is clearly excited to be sitting next to me.

Leo photobombing Phillip.

Ice cream time!

Happy Sibling Day!

NEW VIDEO! Throwing it back to 2010 to perform a song from my first album for you guys! This is “In Time”. <3

I can’t believe that on April 27th, I will be having my last recording session for the album. It feels like it’s been in the works for the longest time, and I can’t believe it’s almost done! Next will come the mixing and mastering, the album art photo shoot, and then it will all be whisked away to Discmakers for graphic design and production! I am beyond excited to begin radio promotion and start releasing songs and doing interviews and performances on the air! WE ARE SO CLOSE GUYS. AHHH!!!

My night in a nutshell.

My night in a nutshell.

Had a lovely day off today. Got caught in the middle of a parade & did some shopping. 

New video y’all

made up self VS natural self

made up self VS natural self


This just in——just booked a super intimate solo acoustic show at The Booth Theater (114 Mill St. Danville, PA) on Saturday April 26th!!! There will be two sets; one at 7PM and one at 9PM. Door charge is $10. And seating is limited! Hope to see some of my favorite Pennsylvanians there¬†

I love where I live.